Dancing Hearts Homestead
Flower farm specializing in seasonal bouquets, planters, workshops and custom arrangements


Breaking ground

The days are still dark. There is a chill most times in the air but out of this drabness comes a hint of growth. A waft of greenness that I smell which hints at spring and the coming bounty.  2018 brings new ventures: new markets, new product commitments, new machinery and a new website with a blog.  So as I start seedlings and cultivate my garden (which has now expanded to include flowers for the market) I ask myself what do I want to cultivate within?  What do I want to thin and discard? What do I want to nurture and ultimately make bloom? I am striving for gratitude, kindness and mercy against the always sprouting anger, bitterness and envy. I choose to count my many, many blessings and share my journey into flower farming.

Mary Stephanie Kilroe